Help on Ordering Process:

Q. How do I search details of a restaurant?
Ans: There are multiple ways in which you may search a restaurant.
  • You can find a restaurant by typing in a search query in the search box. You need not worry too much about the spellings! The comprehensive search enables you to search for restaurants by name, location, cuisine or even dish names.
  • You may browse restaurants : Bangalore Area, Delhi Area, Mumbai Area or can just select your pick from the alphabetical list of restaurants. The links to it can be found in the footer section.
Q. How do I start ordering from my favorite restaurant?
Ans: Please follow these simple steps to order online:
  • Search for the restaurant you want to order from by using any of the methods mentioned above.
  • Click on "order food" button on the search results page or the restaurant details page.
  • Enter the quantity against the items you would like to order and click on the + sign.
  • Once you are done selecting the dishes, select the option you would want (Home Delivery/ Pick Up/ Dine at Restaurant) and click on "order this" button.
  • In the checkout splash which opens, enter your details, click on "send this order" and just wait for your yummy food to arrive!

Q. Why is there an update button in the cart area?
Ans: The update button enables you to change the quantity of the items you have added to your order.

Q. I am stuck and can't figure out how to order...
Ans: No issues. Give us a call at 600-00-600 and our customer care would assist you in the ordering process.

Q. I sometimes get delivery in my office and sometimes at home. Do I need to create 2 accounts?
Ans: No, you do not need 2 accounts. With every account at Just Eat, you can save upto two addresses (primary, secondary).
Upon logging in, you can click on 'address' link on the top right to set these addresses.
When you place an order (while being logged in) you can choose either of the addresses by clicking on 'use primary address' or 'use secondary address' links visible on the checkout form.
You can also set your contact (Name and phone no.) information by clicking on 'contact info' link on the top right of header (visible when you are logged in).

Q. What is the meaning of favorite restaurants?
Ans: favorite restaurants, as the name suggests, is a list of restaurants that are your favorite and you frequently order from. You can order food/book tables at your favorite restaurant without having to search for it, the link to your favorite restaurants is available on home page. You need to be signed in to use this feature.

Q. How do I add a restaurant to my favorites?
Ans: On the restaurant page and the menu page you would find a link to "save this restaurant to your favorites". You need to be signed in to add a restaurant to your favorite list.

Q. What is one click ordering?
Ans: We know you love to order few dishes from your favorite restaurant quite often. Now you can place the same order again by a single click.
After you finish placing a new order you get an option to save it to your favorites, once saved it can be accessed by the One Click Delivery link on the home page. You need to be logged in to use this feature.

Q. I placed an order and got a mail with an order code along with the order details. What is the use of this order code?
Ans: The order code is used to identify your order. You can use this code to check the status of your order or get the order details from us in case of any dispute.

Q. How do I check the status of my order?
Ans: Once you place an order you would get an email with the order code. This order code can be used to check the status of your order by using the link Check Order Status on the home page. You would be apprised of your order status by an SMS.

Q. I want to visit a restaurant but I dont know where it is, can Just Eat help?
Ans: The restaurant address with landmark is mentioned on the restaurant's details page. You could also locate the restaurant on the map, the link to which is available on the search results page and also on restaurant details page.

Q. How to become a member of Just Eat?
Ans: Registering with Just Eat is very easy and is free. You will see a link Sign In on the top menu bar. In the Sign In page you would find a link for creating a new account. Click on that, fill in your details and you are done.

Q. Do I need to register in order to use your services?
Ans: No, you do not need to register to use any of our services. However there are various advantages of registering with Just Eat:
  • Every time an order is placed you earn reward points. These reward points can be redeemed for free gifts.
  • You can save your address for delivery to enable faster ordering the next time.
  • Features like One click ordering and saving of favorite restaurants require you to be signed in.
  • You may subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you will get updates about the offers and events happening in Bangalore

Q. What if I want to add more orders after I have committed my order?
Ans: In case the order that you want to add is more than the minimum order amount of that restaurant, then you can place another order and mention in the special instruction the previous order number saying you would want to add to it. In case its less than the minimum order amount, please feel free to call us at 600-00-600 or mail us at and let us know what you would want to add. However, this is subject to the status of the previous order.

Q. How do I search for restaurants which serve buffets?
Ans: On the home page you would find Buffet Search. Visit this and filter on the available restaurants to choose a lunch/dinner buffet to suit your requirement.